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The retail company that has scaled to $400M+ in revenue in 2 years and the auto marketplace doing over $100M+ in revenue
Founded in 2008, CarDekho is India's leading auto-tech company and Rajhasthan's first unicorn.
Founded in 2020, Razor Group is a global consumer holding company that partners with e-commerce merchants to acquire and scale their brands.
The EdTech platform with 5M users and the digital advertising company focused on emerging markets
As a global digital media partner, Aleph Holding connects the largest digital platforms with advertisers and consumers in emerging and underserved…
Founded in 2015, Crehana is the leading edtech platform in Latin America
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Founded in 2016, Acko Insurance is one of India's first digital-native insurers.
Bolt offers streamlined online checkout experiences via its platform to retailers who seek to retain more of their customers.
The social media network with 180M users and the Unicorn professional networking startup
Founded in 2015, ShareChat is an Indian social media network with over 160 million users.