EdTech & Staffing

The fastest-growing companies related to edtech, labor marketplaces & the future of work globally

Founded in 2015, Crehana is the leading edtech platform in Latin America
Founded in 2019, Apna.co became one of India's fastest unicorns in just 21 months from inception.
Founded in 2010, Toptal is one of the largest freelancer marketplaces globally
Founded in 2016, Pilot has scaled to become a Unicorn by offering a virtual platform that manages bookkeeping, tax and CFO services for businesses.
Founded in 2014, Urban Company is India's largest online home services platform.
Founded in 2011, Unacademy is India's largest learning platform that helps students crack competitive exams.
Founded in 2015, UpGrad has built a large business providing trade programs in India. The company hit a $210M run rate in 2021 and was expected to…
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